16 months already??? 

I’ve been pretty MIA lately. Work and school are really doing a good job at making sure I have no free time. 

This post is going to be short and sweet because somehow it is already midnight and I have class in the morning. 

I just wanted to share with you all real quick that on Wednesday the 13th I celebrated 16 MONTHS SOBER!!!!! How awesome is that! Sobriety is so amazing and while I know that a year and four months really isn’t that long compared to my entire 20 years on earth, I still couldn’t be more proud of myself and the entirely new person I have become. 

Life is so wonderful. 

I wanna tell you guys a little about what I’ve been up to lately! I recently modeled in my first photoshoot and it was, of course, a blast!! We have decided to submit three of the photos to magazines which I’m very very excited about! I’ll attach a couple photos from the shoot below for you guys!! 

This ended up longer than I intended, oops. 

Xoxo, lain. 




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