Your life is a blessing!

God is testing me these last few days. I’m going to school full time, I have no job, I’m helping a friend get back into treatment, and to top it all off, I just found out today that another friend of mine has relapsed. It’s crazy how one day life can be so great and you aren’t worried about anything and then the next day it’s as if your life has literally been turned upside down and you’re struggling to find any good in your life. Days like today are crucial to my recovery. Prayer and mediation are my saving grace on days like today. 

There’s so much good in my life. I’m clean. Today  I get to celebrate 453 days without a drug or a single drop of alcohol in my system. That’s the greatest gift of all. I just want to say that if you’re ever feeling down, search for positive things. Sometimes they’re not going to be lit up on a huge sign. You may have to really dig deep and search within your soul to find the good. I promise you will find it. Take time for yourself and count your blessings. Not just when times are tough, but also when life is great. Your life is a blessing. 


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